The Trusted Referral Network (“TRN”) is a membership organization for independent marketing, advertising and sales professionals in the United States and Canada.  Most of our members are solopreneurs, principals of, and/or responsible for business development at a small agency.

Membership Benefits

  • One listing on under category of your choice
  • Weekly video conference networking meetings with other members
  • Opportunity to showcase your services at a weekly meeting – subject to availability
  • Access to TRN Slack workspace to share requests, job postings, self-promotions, etc.
  • Access to TRN YouTube channel
  • Potential referrals and referral fees from other members

Membership Requirements and Responsibilities

To become a member of TRN, you must own or work for a qualified marketing, sales, or advertising services provider* and:

  • Attend an average of at least one TRN meeting per month, over a period of 6 months
  • Generate an average of 1 lead every 2 months, including business referrals to existing members or recruitment of new members
  • Claim and maintain at least one active listing on, including all contact information
  • Pay any promised referral fees to other members as indicated on your listings
  • Contribute to the community through Slack postings, one on one meetings, and weekly meeting showcases


TRN offers a limited number of sponsorships to individuals and organizations that do not provide marketing, sales, or advertising services, but instead, sell to companies that would qualify as members.  Sponsor must meet all the other Membership Requirements and Responsibilities and will share in many of the same Membership Benefits but may be restricted in terms of frequency of participation in weekly meetings and showcases.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a member, please contact us and include the words “Membership” or “Sponsorship” as appropriate in the subject line.